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MATERNITY photo session

Examine your options so you have plenty of time to research and compare different photographers. With each one you should ask several questions and clarify any concerns you may have.


For example:

1- Where is it located?

2- How much experience do you have as a maternity photographer?

3- What are your costs?

4- What does the package include?

5- Do you work in a studio or outdoors?

6- When will I have my images?

7- How long will my photo session last?

8- What type of editing do you do on your photos?

After evaluating them:

1- With which of all the photographers do you feel most relaxed?

"It's a good time to meet your photographer before the session, so you can be comfortable in your photo shoots."

2. Your specialty

The photographer's website helps you get an idea of their area of expertise. If you have a variety of examples of maternity sessions, that's a good sign. You should keep in mind that if you have similar images on your website it may indicate a lack of creativity.


3. The style

Think about what you want your photos to look like. Are you hoping for something artistic or simple?


4. References

Look for references from someone who has already had a photo session with the photographer.

Here you can see the places and the respective hours I work. If you give me the choice, I recommend that the session take place in the Hato Rey area or among the streets of Old San Juan. As a third option it can be in the photographic studio. 

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