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As a pro-breastfeeding artist, my purpose through this exhibition is to raise awareness of four extremely important points:

1)    Los bebés tienen derecho a ser alimentados cuando y donde lo necesiten, no donde la society establishes that it is "correct". Do you feel comfortable eating in a store? Or can you imagine taking your food to the bathroom at work and having lunch there? Well, this is more or less what we do to babies when we are told that this is where the lactation process should take place.

2)    Los niños deben ser educados respecto a la lactancia._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_All of us have a responsibility to educate our children and young people so that they understand that it is okay, that it is correct to feed a child in public. We must educate them by example and, if they ask, answer them naturally because, after all, gentlemen, it is a natural process.

3)    Los hombres, al igual que algunas mujeres, deben entender que la función natural y The main part of the breast is to feed the baby. We must break with the myths, the positions of the past, end the existing machismo, and break all the social barriers that make it impossible for breastfeeding to be seen as the natural process what is it. There is no reason to turn your face away because this is an extremely tender process, nor should we sexualize the process when seeing a breast on the outside, instead of a mother feeding her baby. That is the main function of that part of the body, it is not an ornament with which nature endowed us.

4)    Las mujeres se motivan y se interesan en lactar cuando ven a las madres amamantando a their children. I am convinced that there are no better breastfeeding educators than nursing mothers. In the same way, I am convinced that when other women see the beauty of the maternal bond in function through breastfeeding, this results in a motivation so that, when their time to become mothers has come, these other women also decide to breastfeed.



year 2016



year 2019

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