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Photographer and Educator

As a young boy, my father would take me along to capture the sunrise on film from the mountains on my beautiful island of Puerto Rico. I've never forgotten the urgent desire to reach the viewfinder of my dad's Canon T-70 camera so that I could take my very first photo.

Now, thirty years and nearly as many stories later, with experience in many fields, as a musician, composer, aviation pilot, sound engineer and graphic artist, I've finally reached the height required by that tripod that will open the door to the field of commercial photography.
Beginning with landscape and nature photos, which are my passion, I've acquired the necessary know-how needed to work with my equipment, and presently, operating as FOTOGRAFIA MORENO has enabled me to achieve diversity in this field. Among my works, I've done architectural shoots, fashion, and of course, events and other particulars.

Each photo I take is a “click” for life; and so I try to live my life through the art of photography.   
“living every snapshot... click by click.”

instagram / fotografiamoreno

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